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Can't Argue with the Title

In my twenties, I had the great good fortune to be in Hollywood, California seeking what  zillions search for in that smoggy, jasmine-scented, magical basin: a career in show biz. I lived in Petyon Hall, a Hollywood Boulevard apartment complex with an Olympic-sized pool designed by Douglas Fairbanks and tenants who’d been around when orange groves outnumbered Mercedes and BMWs. 

I’d headed westward with the goal of making people laugh, via a career in stand-up comedy, which of course would lead to starring roles in movies, headlining in
Vegas and one-woman Broadway shows.  It was a fun dream.

Dreams shift though, go on diets or bulk up, and mine led me to what ultimately was most important to me:  writing. 

In BEST TO LAUGH I pay homage to my time in Hollywood; to having as my neighborhood the boulevards Hollywood, Sunset and Santa Monica; to understanding that while most tinsel was tinsel, rare and shining gold did exist.   



Mayor of the Universe by Lorna Landvik

Mayor of the Universe


Reissue - September 15, 2014 from University of Minnesota Press

Lorna Landvik launches science fiction into comic territory in this tale of a Walter Mittyish dreamer exploring universal truths


Thanks for Second Chances

Writers often feel parental with their books, and when I first sent Fletcher Weschel into the world via a self-published book, I felt I sent my beloved boy out with a runny nose, scabby knees and head lice.  I had good help and advice but failed to use it.  But – as Zen Masters/S.E. Hinton have wisely said, ‘that was then and this is now!’

Fletcher, a mild-manned actuary with a wild yearning heart is so dear to me, as are the Lodge of aliens who believe in him and their shared deep and profound pursuit of fun.

Like awesome, thrilled is an overused word, but I’m thrilled and I think it’s awesome that the University of Minnesota Press has reissued MAYOR OF THE UNIVERSE in the manner in which it deserves and I hope the millions who missed this tale of fun and wonder and will discover it this time.

P.S.  Movie producers:  I am near my phone.