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Best to Laugh 

Available September 15, 2014

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No one steps up to life’s banquet, holds out her tray, and orders, “Grief, please!” But as a child, Candy Pekkala was served a heaping helping of it. Every buffet line has a dessert section, however, and when a cousin calls with a Hollywood apartment to sublet, it seems as though Candy is finally offered something sweet. It’s good-bye to Minnesota and hello to California, where a girl who has always lived by her wits has a real chance of making a living with them. With that, Lorna Landvik launches her latest irresistible character onto the world stage—or at least onto the dimly lit small stage where stand-up comedy gets its start.



Mayor of the Universe by Lorna Landvik

Mayor of the Universe


Reissue - September 15, 2014 from University of Minnesota Press

Lorna Landvik launches science fiction into comic territory in this tale of a Walter Mittyish dreamer exploring universal truths

Mild-mannered actuary Fletcher Weschel is suddenly transported into the fantasy world he made up as a boy, experiencing an array of adventures conducted by an alien guide as he realizes his ultimate role in a vast universe. This charmed and charming book is quintessential Lorna Landvik—less about outer space than about the crowded, complex inner space of the human heart.