Well, this is exciting — We’re making a short film, a ‘proof of concept’ of my Depression-era novel, OH MY STARS. The title has two meanings; the first is a nod to my mother, who used these words the way others might use !*@#&!$ or #$*&$@()!! and the second is an expression of awe and wonder, used by Kjel Hedstrom, the talented and charismatic musician who’s in love with the world and to whom the world returns the favor. The world isn’t so benevolent when it comes to Violet Mathers and Austin Sykes. Violet suffers abandonment and bullying as a child and the trauma of a disabling accident and Austin is a black musician living in mean and segregated times.

It’s a story of hate being out-maneuvered by love, a story of joy and talent trumping fear and doubt. There’s music, heart, soul and humor in it — and our hope is that Hollywood will heed the call of millions who want a story about people who fly, transform and avenge in more human ways, but are still super heroes.

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